Can the court or its employees provide me with legal advice on how to handle my citation? No. Court employees (including the Judge) are strictly prohibited by law from providing legal advice to anyone.

Do I have to employ an attorney to represent me in the Municipal Court? No. You can represent yourself. Municipal Courts are not required by law to appoint you an attorney, but you may retain one yourself. No one other than a lawyer can represent you in court. This applies to parents of juveniles. If you are not an attorney, you cannot represent your child in a trial.

Can I pay my fine in installments? The court does have a payment plan option. Certain restrictions apply, contact the court for more information.

If there is a mistake on the ticket, does that make it invalid? Not necessarily. If you plead guilty or no contest, the issue is immaterial. If you plead not guilty, a complaint is generated. The contents of the complaint are relevant with regard to a trail.

Can the Judge dismiss my ticket? A judge can only dismiss a citation if they are given the authority by statute or because of a standing agreement with the City Attorney’s Office.

I just want to tell the Judge my story. Will they talk to me? Yes, but only if you enter a plea of no contest or guilty. Upon a plea of not guilty, the Judge is not allowed to hear any of the details of the case until the day of trial. This ensures fairness to both the defendant and the state. All conversations with the Judge must be in the courtroom. The Judge is not allowed to discuss the case outside the courtroom and outside the presence of both parties.

Is this charge going to revoke my probation? If you are on probation in a court other than the Commerce Municipal Court, you should refer this question to your probation officer.

Is this ticket going on my driving record? Generally, all moving violations will appear on your driving record. Some others such as Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and No Drivers License appear as well. If you want to keep an offense off of your record, you should request Defensive Driving if applicable.

Can I reset my court date over the telephone? No. All requests for reset or continuance must be made either in person or in writing. The request must be received 72 hours prior to your court date and must also list a reason why you need to reset with any proof that you can provide.

What action may be taken if a person who is notified to serve as a juror does not appear? Any person summoned who fails to attend may be fined $100.00 for contempt.

How may the court enforce a subpoena? If a witness refuses to obey a subpoena he/she may be fined at the discretion of the court and writ of attachment may be issued. A writ of attachment is an order from the Judge to a law enforcement officer to immediately take this person into custody and bring them before the court.

I have a warrant for my arrest. Who do I need to speak with? Court staff will be able to assist you explaining your options regarding warrants arising from the issuance of City of Commerce citations. You may speak to court staff by calling 903.886.1132 or 903.886.1135.

I was placed on payment plan and for some reason I defaulted on the agreement. How can I reinstate the plan? Payment plans are administered by the court. You will need to contact the court at 903.886.1132 to determine your options.

Can you tell me what time and date my court setting is? The appearance date is located at the bottom of your citation, appearance time is 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise indicated on the citation.

My deadline has passed to complete or return the driving safety certificate. What do I need to do? Contact the court at 903.886.1132

Someone has received a ticket in my name. How can I get this corrected? You will need to appear at the court, 1119 Alamo Street, Commerce, Texas 75428. Court staff will then take the necessary steps to help correct this problem.

I need an extension to pay the fine. Contact the court at 903-886 -1132.

I need information regarding a County, Federal or Department of Public Safety Office.

  • County Information – (903) 408-4100
  • Federal Information – (800) 366-2998
  • Department of Public Safety – (903) 453-6916

I received a letter from the Texas Department of Public Safety regarding the suspension of my driver’s license. How do I get this corrected? You will need to contact the local DPS Office, or the person whom sent you the letter, for more information.