Financial Summary

The City of Commerce is committed to providing financial transparency to its residents. We strive to meet all the guidelines set forth by the Texas Comptroller and the Traditional Finances Transparency Program.

The financial information and documents are provided to give our residents a view of how the City’s funds are used to make the City of commerce a great place to reside or visit. The following financial summary data is the most recently completed fiscal year of October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018, and it is designed to provide a broad overview of the City’s finances.

The per capita figures are based on the City’s 2018 estimated population of 9,154.

Fiscal Year 2018Per Capita
Revenues and Transfers:
Governmental Activities:
Ad valorem tax$2,452,354$267.90
Sales Tax$1,037,778$113.37
Franchise Fees$525,819$57.44
Program Revenues$1,337,521$146.11
Other Revenues$464,091$50.70
Total Governmental Activities$5,827,761$636.64
Business-type Activities:
Program Revenues$5,350,603$584.51
Other Revenues$19,257$2.10
Total Business-type Activities$5,359,662$585.50
TOTAL REVENUES$11,187,423$1,222.13
Governmental Activities$6,047,672$660.66
Business-type Activities$5,003,698$1,207.27
Change in Net Position$136,086$14.87

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