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Ordinances & Resolutions

///Ordinances & Resolutions
Ordinances & Resolutions 2018-07-27T15:46:41+00:00

August 1, 2018 Special Meeting

Resolution- Refinancing City Debt

Resolution- Purchase of New Engine 6

July 2018

Resolution- Building & Development Standards & Codes

Resolution- 1603 Church St Donation

Resolution- High Bid on Harrison St Property

June 2018

Resolution- Atmos MidTex 2018 Rate Increase

Resolution- Exchange of University Property for City Streets

Second Reading Ordinance- Fee Ordinance Amendment

Second Reading Ordinance- Drought Contingency Plan 2018

May 2018

Resolution- Canvass of the May 5, 2018 General Election

Ordinance- Drought Contingency Plan 2018

Ordinance- Amendment of Fee Schedule

April 2018

Resolution- KLZ Stone Tax Abatement Agreement Modification

Resolution- Oncor Distribution Cost Recovery Factor Application

Resolution- CISD Land Conveyance

March 2018

Resolution- ATMOS Rate Reduction

Resolution- Faires Municipal Court

Resolution- Fire Fighting Agreement with Hunt County

Resolution- R218619 property

Resolution- 224/Main & Washington Road Closure

February 2018

Resolution- City Pride Signs

January 2018

Resolution- Authorizing Contract with Hunt County for Election Service1s

Ordinance- Calling May 5, 2018 Election

December 2017

Resolution- Marilyn Sands Plaque Dedication

Ordinance- 1700 Lee St Conditional Use Permit

Ordinance- High Grass & Weeds

November 2017

Resolution- BOA Chair Appointment

Resolution- Hunt County Appraisal District Sale/Purchase of Land

Resolution- Hunt County Appraisal District Board of Directors Vote

Resolution- Toole Design Memo Approval

Resolution- Mutual Aide with Hopkins County Fire and Commerce FD

Ordinance- Rezoning of 229 Maple

Ordinance- 1700 Lee St Conditional Use Permit