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Public Safety


These positions participate in fire suppression, prevention, public education, rescue activities aimed at protecting life, property and the environment, and to provide first responder service within our jurisdiction.

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Performs a variety of routine clerical, administrative and technical work in receiving and dispatching routine and emergency information; keeping official records; transcribing; and assisting in the administration of the standard operating policies and procedures of the dispatch center.  Provides administrative support to the Commerce Police Department. 

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Under supervision of a Fire Captain, the Lieutenant shall perform supervisory and skilled firefighting work, emergency first aid, hazardous materials incident management, search and rescue, and fire prevention duties on an assigned shift in the protection of life and property. The employee, in accordance with departmental regulations and instructions from a ranking officer, is responsible for the coordination, supervision, discipline and performance of firefighters, volunteer firefighters or other volunteer personnel, as assigned. The Lieutenant is responsible for the proper maintenance of fire apparatus, equipment, and facilities. Responsible for effectively and efficiently extinguishing a fire until relieved of command by a superior officer; work may involve considerable physical exertion and potential hazard to health and safety. Reports on administrative matters; at the scene of a fire may be under the command of a Fire Captain or other officer of higher rank. Exercises direct command over firefighters and fire-fighting equipment in the absence of a Captain.

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The firefighter/EMT protects life and property by performing fire fighting, emergency first aid, rescue, hazardous materials and fire prevention duties. The Firefighter/EMT ensures that all fire equipment, apparatus and facilities are maintained and response ready at all times. The Firefighter/EMT may assist to coordinate, instruct or supervise the work of volunteer firefighters, new recruits, part-time department personnel and other temporary or seasonal employees as assigned.

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Performs police patrol, investigation, traffic regulation, and related law enforcement activities.

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