Wastewater Treatment

  1. Maximum Pumping Capacity The City of Commerce Water Reclamation Facility has the capacity to pump an incoming flow of 6,000,000 per day. The facility has a raw sewage storage capacity of three million gallons and can accommodate up to 6,000,000 gallons of flow in one day.
  2. Maximum Treatment Capacity Although the facility can accommodate a total flow of 6,000,000 gallons the treatment capacity is considerably lower. The maximum treatment capacity for the treatment plant is 2,000,000 gallons per day, however the plant can treat up to 3,000,000 as long as the average over a three month period does not rise above 70% of the maximum treatment capacity of 2,000,000 per day and the plant does not exceed the parameters set forth in the city’s discharge permit.The wastewater treatment plant was completed in 1982 by BRB contractors. The plant is an activated sludge system with a maximum average daily flow of 2 million gallons. The plant can accommodate a peak flow of 6 million gallons in one day and can treat 3 million gallons per day as long as the average flow does not rise above 2 million gallons and required parameters are not exceeded.

Solid Waste

  1. TCEQ Requirements The City of Commerce Landfill is located south of commerce on FM 1568 just North of the Republic Malloy Landfill. The Landfill has 179.5 acres of fill area with 136 acres of unfilled area. The Landfill is currently in the post-closure care period which entails certain requirements. Ground water quality monitoring out of the landfill’s monitoring wells and Earths Electrical Resistivity Surveys are among some of the requirements. Mowing of grass and grounds upkeep such as covering ruts and crevices caused by rain water runoff are some of the other requirements. These requirements are for the five year post-closure care period only.
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